During my 35 years in graphic design, communication / marketing, I have had the privilege of working for several companies, communication agencies and organizations. Here are some testimonials collected over time that will give you an overview of my services.


Julia Wine

In the performance of his duties as artistic director / marketing communications, André has demonstrated an excellent knowledge of the artistic needs of the company and to enhance the image of it. Autonomous and dynamic, André has a natural ability to cope with pressure and required deadlines.

Eric Beauchamp

Senior Vice President - Co-Founder

Palmer Communication

Sleek, thoughtful and professional. These are the first qualities that come to mind when I think of André's work. We have been working together for many years and I must say that it is reassuring to have a partner of this caliber.

In addition to photo editing, he contributed significantly to my brand image by offering me avenues that I would not have imagined. His listening skills, his shrewd look and his undeniable creative talent are some of the qualities that I appreciate in him. Thank you André for this great collaboration!

Patrick palmer

Communications strategist, coach and trainer


André, we've known each other for 25 years and I can say that your work is exceptionally professional; creativity, innovation and speed are some of your strengths in design. Your creations for Canadian National have risen through the ranks to the president, not to mention the achievements made for CANAC within the framework of projects for Canada, for the United States and for the international market.

Louis gosselin

Director - Solution in training

Linda Hulmann, soins énergétiques

André portrays the essence of things, because he knows how to understand beyond words. He advised me well and guided me in the realization of the communication plan that he developed for me. Thanks André! Your help was very precious!

Linda hulmann


Isard communications

André Faucher has a 6th sense; some would say that of humor - which is true - but above all a sure instinct, an intuition to give meaning to images. He has a tremendous ability to listen to the needs of the customer, he grasps exactly the message to be transmitted, he transforms it into graphic creations of astonishing accuracy!

Isabelle Girard


Institut Nazareth & Louis-Braille

Enthusiastic and available, André Faucher is a loyal collaborator of the Institut Nazareth et Louis-Braille.Whether it is producing information tools or official documents, he offers interesting visuals according to the needs of our center. rehabilitation. & nbsp;

He is available, open and always in a good mood. Nothing better than working with a jovial and creative designer!

Anne-Julie Ouellet

Director of Communications

Protocole communications d'affaires

André quickly grasped the stakes of my project: to harmonize and make impeccable for an activity report about forty photos from various sources. He was proactive and my client was very impressed with the result, as well as all of the employees in the photos.

Marc Rodrigue


Groupe Ambition

André has the soul of a designer. From an idea, he is adept at designing a graphic or a concrete concept representing the desired intentions. In addition, he is pleasant to be around him and quick to get the job done. In conclusion, he is a person to know and use for his talents and his personal approach.

Pierre Bernier


Robert Bisson, designer d'intérieur

I used André's services for my website. Listening to my needs combined with a tailor-made solution to meet my schedule and budget has made me one of the most satisfied customers. I highly recommend it to you.

Robert Bisson


Michel Huet

What is the best word to describe André Faucher? Winner with a big W. André is a trustworthy person, with great listening skills, a true professional who is both creative and strategic. He has great skills and has been able to evolve effectively with the changes in the industry.

If we combine experience, talent, quality, dedication, innovation, the result is André Faucher, a person to discover and rediscover… bravo André for who you are.

Michel Huet

Business development trainer

Raymonde Brossard

André Faucher is a reliable collaborator who teams up with us to create communication tools that meet the needs of the client. By giving him a mandate, we are assured of a job well done in a good mood and respect for deadlines.

Raymonde Brossard

Communication advisor

Marie Normandin

I had the opportunity to work with André on several projects during my time at Stratège Idées communication. Three words: efficiency, professionalism and listening. If we mix it all up with his creativity, his experience and his knowledge. We find ourselves in front of a precious resource.

Marie Normandin

Communication advisor

Frédéric Blanchet, photographer

I called on the services of Mr. Faucher to do photo retouching. His portfolio was already extremely convincing, both in the quality and in the diversity of his work. I was very satisfied with the quality of the work he did for me.

He has an eye for detail, he is quick, available, and the results provided were up to my expectations. As a professional photographer, Mr. Faucher is an excellent resource, perfectly in line with the quality standards that I wish to offer to my clients.

Frédéric Blanchet


Association de Spina Bifida et d'hydrocéphalie du Québec

From the moment I took charge of following up on the promotional documents to be produced, I realized Mr. André Faucher's cruising speed and I really appreciated his speed and professionalism.

Ginette Belisle

Executive Director

Communications Odette Lalonde

I have called on André twice and each time I have given him a mandate, I have been more than satisfied with his dedication. For each step and / or problem, André provided me with a detailed argument. His retouching work allowed a better rendering for my client's products. I recommend André to anyone who wants a rigorous and applied person.

Nicolas Evangelist

Account manager


André is an experienced graphic designer who has been able to adapt to the specific requests made to him in terms of digital accessibility. It was a new reality for him and he was able to adapt brilliantly.

Far from feeling bullied by the constraints of accessibility in terms of color palette, he saw these criteria as a challenge.

Looking forward to working with you again.

Samuel Sirois



I have had the opportunity to use André Faucher's services a few times and have always been impressed by his talent, his ideas and his ability to fully understand my needs. It's definitely an asset to my business. A name to remember!

Hugo Giguère


Cardinal communication

I cannot thank you enough for all the good work you have done and which allows Cardinal communication to have such a beautiful image!

I appreciate your talent, your creativity, your dedication, your judgment.

Eric Cardinal


Caisse de Châteauguay

20 years of collaboration, from the design of our promotional inserts to our annual reports, not to mention certain local or regional advertisements. Your great design expertise leads you to be innovative when we have a new project to develop.

In addition, thanks to your discretion and your collaboration, we maintain an excellent business relationship and mutual trust.

Sylvie Gagnon

Director of Communications

Normand Laporte, photographer

Having lost my graphic designer retoucher with whom I had worked for twenty years, I called on André. A friendly, quick guy who wields his stylus with dexterity to give me quality work. Long live this partnership.

Normand Laporte


Solutions d'affaires SLV

I witnessed the professionalism and the quality of the work done by Mr. Faucher. His communication skills, his listening skills and the quality of the work are impeccable.

Stéphane L'Archevêque

Senior Partner and Excel VBA Specialist


I worked with André for the mandate of a general assembly of a credit union and it is very pleasant to work with him. The projects with André have it all at the same time: professionalism, response to customer expectations and good humor at work.

Brigitte Blanchard

French-language proofreader

Nathalie Lavoie

Thank you André for designing my logo and my card. It was the first time that I did business with a professional in this field and you succeeded in grasping the essence of my request; now it is a pride for me to present my cards, because they represent me very well.

Nathalie Lavoie

Massage therapy

Olympiques spéciaux Québec

Working with André is simple, fast and efficient. He’s a good listener and he quickly understands our needs and offers solutions to facilitate the work.

Justine Gauvin-Marchessault

Communications and Special Events Coordinator

Pure perception

André was able to respond to my request quickly. He brilliantly shed light on a technical questioning in a clear and precise manner. The examples provided have been very helpful to me. The result of the retouch amazed me. Excellent work. I highly recommend him.

Annie Bigras

Passionate partner and photographer

Stratège Idées

Speed ​​of execution of files and efficient follow-ups. Precision and flexibility in the execution of the work request !

In short, a fruitful collaboration. Thank you.

Claude Choinière


Fondation Anna-Laberge

We would like to point out to you our appreciation for your great availability, even at short notice, during the design and graphic production of the program and the guest list for the Coup de Cœur Gala. The elegance of the program elicited a lot of positive comments from the guests.

Yves Tremblay


Bourcier, doors and windows

André, it's a pleasure to work with you. Your great quality is your listening and it is easy to talk to find the best concept with you. I also appreciate your flexibility and your speedy side within tight deadlines.

Thank you André and I will not hesitate to refer you.

Sylvain Demers

Vice President Sales and Partner

Biba Pedron – Business coach, marketing expert

André, I want to thank you very much, because where other people told me that it was not possible to retouch the reflection in the glasses of one of my photos, following a photo shoot, you retouched this photo without any problem.

This photo is now much more professional, especially as I use it for my marketing, on my site, on my banners and it represents my image and my personal branding.

I absolutely recommend your work as a graphic designer to anyone who needs professional touch-ups or images for their business.

Biba pedron

Business Coach, Marketing Expert

Pamela Grossenbacher

The work done by André for the creation of my website on wordpress is excellent. I am more than delighted with the result, and the comments from my relatives are very positive.

Customer service is outstanding; during the day I had an email answer to my questions, even the weekend! And even today, despite the end of the mandate, my questions are answered.

André is a very pleasant, competent, conscientious, professional person with a lot of humor, which relaxes the atmosphere well when needed. I can only highly recommend André's services.

Pamela Grossenbacher

Cognitive behavioral therapist

Les publications vertes

I immediately appreciated the way you approached magazine press support. Suggestions, solutions, creativity and talent for a clear, elegant and readable layout, always delivered on time. Thank you for everything.

Bruno Bredoux


L’Accolade, santé mentale

I appreciated your openness, our discussions and your availability. In addition, your prices are affordable and the response time is fast.

Line Lambert

Executive Director

Isabelle Clément, photographe, auteure et conférencière

André is always available and efficient in his mandates, I highly recommend him.

Isabelle Clement