• This is my interpretation of the poem The Golden Vessel by Émile Nelligan, Canadian poet (1879 - 1941).


    It is no secret that Émile Nelligan suffered from early onset dementia or schizophrenia. It is this aspect that I wanted to demonstrate in my creative. Inverting reality, the sky is represented by the ocean and the ocean is a starry sky.


    What to make us think that a reality is relative... everything is only a question of point of view.

    The Golden Ship

    • It was a great ship carved from solid gold:

      Its masts touched to the skies on uncharted seas;

      Venus, goddess of love, her hair streaming, her flesh bare,

      Flaunted herself on the prow beneath a blazing sun.


      But one night it struck the great reef

      In that treacherous ocean where the Siren sang,

      And the horrible shipwreck tilted its keel

      Into the depths of the abyss, ineluctable coffin.


      It was a ship of gold whose diaphanous sides

      Revealed treasures which the profane mariners,

      Loathing, Hatred, and Neurosis, disputed among themselves.


      What remains of it in the brief tempest?

      What has become of my heart, a deserted ship?

      Alas! It has foundered in the depths of the dream!

    Limited edition printing

    • Limited edition of 30 copies

    • Signed and numbered

    • Certificate of authenticity

    • Printed in Montreal by a master printer using a high performance printer

    • Pigment ink print on Hahnemuhle Matt Fine Art Smooth Photo Rag white paper 308 g

    • Each edition has a white border of at least 1 inches and varies according to the size of the work

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