2014 ... the start of a new adventure

During my training to become an expert retoucher in 2014, I had to create as a final exam a creative image integrating several learned techniques. My choice fell on the magnificent poem by Émile Nelligan, Winter Night.

Having learned of the existence of an international competition organized by Ballistic Publishing, recognized for producing the best digital art books in the world, I submitted my creative to it to try my luck.

What was my surprise to see it selected and published in the prestigious edition EXPOSÉ 11. For this edition, more than 8,000 artists from 65 countries submitted their images and only 350 of them were published.

It was then that the idea of creating creative images inspired by poetry, classical music and storytelling began.

After a short break, here I am back in full possession of my means and my head full of ideas to design inspiring images, highlighting the great composers of this world.

My images are available as a print on archival fine art paper and as a limited edition.