André Faucher, alias Foché, is totally dedicated to digital art. With more than 35 years of experience in the communications field, mainly as a graphic designer and high end retoucheur, he begins his career as an entrepreneur in early 2020.

Yet the spark was ignited in 2014, when his creative Winter Night (work inspired by Émile Nelligan's poem) was selected and published in the most prestigious digital art book in the world, Exposé 11 by Ballistic Publishing.

Since that day, a few works have appeared, including the famous “Requiem” made from the official photo of the first violin of one of the greatest composers: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Reproduction rights have been granted to him by the Leitung Mozart-Museen & Archiv of the Mozartmuseum of Austria. This work is now part of the archives of this foundation totally dedicated to Mozart.

Always on the lookout for new trends and the latest novelties in his field, he continues to deepen his knowledge from the greats in the field of miniature photography and digital art.